This game is a 3D space shooter, without the shooting. Instead you are a mail deliverer on a mission to deliver
an important package in this colourful world.
During this game I worked mostly on gameplay related things, like the spinning windmills and pickups, but also on other things like sky box, sound system and Postmaster system.
The objects in the world are all static. They are loaded from Maya where Level Designers have put together the levels with all the props in the world, along with position and collision boxes. We also had a tag they could set on objects, so our engine could read that for example, something was a windmill. Then I could create a component to put on that model to make it rotate like a windmill.
When starting this project we had no support for sound at all. So it was decided that we should implement FMOD for sound support. This is one thing I contributed with, to help setup the API for FMOD in our engine. When it was working it was easy to play sounds via partly a Postmaster system.
The Postmaster system is one thing I worked on. It was made to send information about events happening, for example ship collision or that the player finished a level.
A Quad-tree was used too check player ship collision in a much smaller area instead of checking against the whole world. This is also something I worked on and evolved into a loose Quad-tree.