A SHMUP that takes place in a mecha world with a twist of Egyptian's gods causing havoc. The player has two states to switch between, white and black, to match the colour on the bullets. This leads to either absorb them, or take damage from them depending on in what state the player is.
The player also shoots different coloured bullets depending on what state the player is in. The bullets do different amount of damage to different type of enemies. The white bullets make more damage to some enemy types, and the black bullets make more damage to another enemy type.
I contributed to this project with reading the enemy ship waves from JSON files.The Level designers added the ships among other things in the program Tiles as different id for each thing and exported each wave as a JSON file. I cannot say it was the best way to do this because I ended up with several hundreds of different id that needed separate loading. I just did a really long switch case statement to handle them all. I would probably try and solve it differently today. Maybe find a different way to handle the way the ships should be rotated. That would lower the number of unique id with a fourth. The ships are spawned outside of the screen, so it should be easy to in code rotate the ship to the closest edge of the screen, or going towards the player chip, depending on the type and position in the world.