Flicker is a 2D plattform adventure game inspired by Gris and Journey.
This project didn't go that well, and that's why I learned so much from it. This is the project that I really started to understand the process of making a game, and how important communication is. Already in the pre-production we had different visions of what we wanted to do and also was too passionate about getting a great game. I here learned that it's important that all has at least almost the same vision of what the game should be and look like to make the communication better and for a better end result., and also to try and reach for something that feels achievable in the dedicated time.
I worked on animations on the main character, light, the camera and level loading.
As we reached the final stages of the project and still did not have the level loading fixed, we got a little push in the right direction on how to fix the problem. Sure the levels was not loading correctly, but the issue was (at least according to my view) in the communication between graphics designers, level designers and us programmers. We programmers was not informing other disciplines properly on how the pipeline was supposed to work, and did not ask for help among each other enough to catch our issues with the level loading at a earlier time. Other disciplines assumed the work flow to be one way, and we assumed it to be another way. I still remember that day where I was set on fixing it, and worked all day running around to the graphic designers and level designers to set up the pipeline that already should have been up and working weeks ago, and syncing in so everyone was working towards the pipeline in the same way, and in the end of the day I had all data I needed to properly load the levels.